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Greetings beautiful woman, we have created this very special gift in honour of You and Motherhood. 


Let's take a look inside...

  • Mothers Heart affirmation cards by Moonhut Mamas

  • Sacred Calm Mala by YAM Mala Beads

  • Rose Quartz crystal by YAM Mala Beads

  • Heart opening mothers meditations by Heart Centred Beings

Sacred Care Bundle 1.JPG

Three women-led businesses have gathered together to honour the Mothers and the Mother within us.


This offering is from our hearts, for you to create your own ritual, to connect in with yourself and bring sacredness to your journey. 

Feel the wisdom of all Mothers whispering to you through this incredible gift.  Allow yourself to receive.​

Mothers Heart affirmation cards

Mothers Heart cards are a beautiful collection of 44 powerful affirmations which speak straight to the heart of every woman who has ever raised a child & acknowledge the incredibly important work you are doing as a Mother. 

Mothers Heart cards invite you to take a moment to pause and breathe in an uplifting message of acknowledgment, connection and love.

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Sacred Care Bundle 5.JPG

YAM Mala & Rose Quartz crystal

Our Calm Mala, made with Amazonite and Rudraksha seed, is all we need to have a sacred moment with ourselves, to connect and have the reminder of gentleness, calmness and serenity here and now.

The Rose Quartz crystal which offers a potent reminder that "You are Love and Loved".

Yoga at Home

Heart Opening Meditations

The Heart Opening meditations is guided by Astara from Heart Centred Beings, inviting you to relax and connect into the knowing of All You Are.

Meditation 1: 'Honouring the Mother' 25 minute heart centred guided meditation

Meditation 2: 'Breathing our Way to Relaxation' 6 minute relaxing guided meditation

Meditation 3: '4 Minutes to Calm' 4 minute calming guided meditation

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