Welcome to Moonhut Mamas, my name's Nicola Liebke and  I hold space  for women, just like you, to feel supported, uplifted and inspired in your  motherhood journey.  Raising the next generation is a big job and staying connected with other mothers can be a gift we give to ourselves.  Moonhut Mamas offers a beautiful online moonhut for women to come together and enjoy the nourishing tradition of sitting in circle with other women.  Our weekly gatherings are a special time where we reflect on topics, share our wisdom, laugh and learn from each other as we honour

motherhood and honour ourselves.  I warmly invite you to have a look at the free sharing circles offered here and come along to one that feels a match for you...

Wise Mama Circle
As mothers, we need to look after ourselves during these changing times and wherever possible surround ourselves with positive energy.  Self care is so important.  The Wise Mama Circle offers you a relaxing opportunity to pause for a moment and focus on You.  

Wise Mama Circle is held

Monday evening

7.30pm - 8.30pm AEST

Our next Wise Mama Circle will be starting in late spring 2020 and goes for 6 weeks, please click on the link here for more details.

Homeschool Mama Circle
Mothers everywhere are leading their children's learning at home.  Some days can feel easier than others.  In the Homeschool Mama Circle we share ideas that are working for us as we try to meet the needs of everyone in our family, including ourselves. 

Homeschool Mama Circle is held Tuesday evening 

7.30pm - 8.30pm AEST 


Our next Homeschool Mama Circle will be starting in late spring 2020 and goes for 6 weeks, please click on the link  here  for more details.

Creative Mama Circle

Would you love to awaken your creative side?  This inspiring Circle offers you a dedicated hour each week where you can make that happen.  Together we'll explore ways we can bring the enjoyment of creative expression into our lives, in just a few minutes a day.    

Creative Mama Circle is held Wednesday evening

7.30pm - 8.30pm AEST


Our next Creative Mama Circle will be starting in late spring 2020 and goes for 6 weeks, please click on the link here for more details.

Earth Mama Circle

If you love being in your veggie garden or have been looking for some inspiration and simple ways to start one, this Circle is for you.  Join other Earth Mamas as we share ways we produce nourishing food in our backyards and make our garden a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Earth Mama Circle is Thursday evening 

7.30pm - 8.30pm AEST

Our next Earth Mama Circle will be starting in late spring 2020 and goes for 6 weeks, please click on the link here for more details.

Sisters Circle

Some women love the idea of gathering with mothers they already know for a weekly women's circle.  Moonhut Mamas' Sisters Circle offers you and your mama friends, a beautiful introduction to circling with women in a space held just for you.

Please email Nicola at moonhut.mama@gmail.com 

to request Sister Circle. 

Individual Mama Reflection Time

Sometimes as mothers we can feel like we lose our way on our motherhood journey.   Often having someone to listen can really help us to process our thoughts.  In this 1 hour session, you'll be supported by mother and holistic clinical psychologist Karen Tyndall, who'll gently guide you to connect with your inner knowing and self empowerment. 

Please email Karen at integpsych@gmail.com 

to request Reflection Time. 

Motherhood  Herstory

In ancient times, as girls and young women we were constantly surrounded by babies and children.   We accompanied our mothers, aunts and sisters when they were pregnant and when they gave birth.  We watched them care for their babies.  This is how we learned about the cycles of womanhood and how to be a mother.  When it was our turn to make our journey from maiden to mother, our tribe of women supported us and we all mothered our children together.  At night we would sit around the fire in a circle to share our stories and words of wisdom.  

These days with our 'tribe' living so far and wide, we can feel isolated in our motherhood journey.  Modern day lifestyles and social distancing can also add to our feelings of disconnection from other mothers.   Moonhut Mamas is here to reconnect us.  We are bringing wisdom sharing back into our mothering experience through our online sharing circles, just like in the old times around the fire.

From the Mamas...

"Nicola is a caring and authentic woman.  She is truly committed to supporting women in having fully enriched lives.  She brings joy into the worlds of those around her, while her organisational skills bring strength and cohesion to her work.  Thank you dear Nicola, for all that you are xxx."  ~ Catherine 


"It's been such a pleasure and honour for me to sit in circle with beautiful Nicola, she is such a natural, loving, easeful space holder.  Nicola weaves a beautiful cohesiveness into a group space where everyone feels really connected with each other.  She also creates a space which allows such a deep nourishing connection to yourself.  Her energy is so incredibly unconditional and supportive that you can really dive into discovering the fullness of who are you, then take those beautiful gifts of connection back out into the world to share with your families, friends, loved ones and of course with yourself.  I always feel like I have so much more love to share with the world and myself after sharing some circle time with Nicola.  She is such a gift." ~ Jo

"Nicola is an amazing open hearted earth mother with a genuine love and passion to support and hold all women in a safe and loving space, allowing them to blossom and grow, expressing the full multifaceted gems that we are.  I have been blessed to have met Nicola 10 years ago.  She is a woman that wears many hats!  From her role as mother, to dancer to school educator to doula she has truly opened my world up in so many ways.  Thank you Nicola for your walks in nature, your love, your encouraging words.  Blessings."  ~ Tatiana

 To get in touch, please email  moonhut.mama@gmail.com

To offer your gift, please use PayPal.me/nicolaliebke


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