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Welcome to Moonhut Mamas, home of Mothers Heart cards
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Honour the special mothers in your life with
a beautiful gift that speaks straight to her heart
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Mothers Heart affirmation cards 
Mothers Heart cards are a beautiful collection of 44 powerful affirmations which speak straight to the heart of every woman who has ever raised a child.  Each card invites mothers to pause for a moment and allow themselves to receive an inspiring message of love and appreciation.
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Mother's Sacred Care bundle
Moonhut Mamas has joined together with YAM mala beads & Heart Centred Beings to create a special Mother's Sacred Care bundle, comprising of Mothers Heart affirmation cards, a beautiful calming amazonite mala, rose quartz crystal plus 3 heart opening meditations.
Included with each set of Mothers Heart cards, is a handcrafted recycled timber stand which enables the cards to be placed anywhere in a mother's home to create a space of beauty and reflection. 
Used in this way, Mothers Heart cards can be part of a woman's Morning Intention ritual or daily Self Love practice.  
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To select a card, a mother can hold the pack in both hands and take a few deep breaths... then place the cards face down and pick a card she feels drawn to.
Affirmations chosen in this way can often be perfect in the moment and very powerful in their message.
Mothers Heart Cards are produced on Bundjalung country in Byron Bay, Australia, with great care & attention given to the sustainability of our children's planet. 
They are printed on recycled card and elegantly boxed in quality recycled packaging.  The beautiful card stands have been handcrafted using recycled timber at Wooden Revival, in Mullumbimby NSW.
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Mothers have always helped other mothers.  When you buy Mothers Heart cards, you are supporting mothers who are experiencing challenging life situations. 
We regularly donate to a local community organisation which support mothers to live their lives with peace, dignity and freedom after experiencing domestic violence.
For the mothers...
Greetings Beautiful Woman, these unique affirmation cards have been created just for You. 
Being a mum is big work and we can all have times when we feel in need of a little affirmation or inspiration.  Use these cards in whatever way brings you joy & reminds you of the Special Being you are and the incredibly important job you are doing as a Mother. 
You are Amazing x
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A Supportive Hug
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Moonhut Mamas
Moonhut Mamas acknowledges the traditional custodians of our land.  We are an ethical business with a social purpose & operate using a circular economy model to support our beautiful Mother Earth. 
We believe affirming and supporting women in their role as mothers can have real & positive effects which will ripple out for generations to come.
Copyright 2020 by Moonhut Mamas
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